TPAI: District Salary Advancement / State License Renewal


District Salary Advancement: Yes

You’ll find our personalized courses will match your teaching needs! All TPAI courses are accredited (HLC / North Central Association of Colleges and Schools) and will help Montana teachers with salary advancement.

*Please follow your district’s pre-approval steps/requirements.

State License Renewal: Yes

The following information is from the Montana Department of Education.

Information in this color shows how TPAI courses support Montana teachers.

60 OPI Units Needed for Most License Renewals.

Montana has several licensure paths; see their website listed below for your specific license.

For most license renewals, 60 OPI units or any combination of OPI units and semester/quarter college credits.

Each Semester credit is worth 15 OPI renewal units and a quarter credit is worth 10 renewal units.

[All TPAI courses are at graduate level.][1 credit = 15 OPI / A 3 credit TPAI course = 45 OPI units.]

For further information, see the Montana Office of Public Instruction.