TPAI: District Salary Advancement / State License Renewal

North Dakota

District Salary Advancement: Yes

You’ll find our personalized courses will match your teaching needs! All TPAI courses are accredited (HLC / North Central Association of Colleges and Schools) and will help North Dakota teachers with salary advancement.

*Please follow your district’s pre-approval steps/requirements.

State License Renewal: Yes

The following information is from the North Dakota Department of Education.

Information in this color shows how TPAI courses support North Dakota teachers.

Renewing a five-year license

If you currently hold a 5 year license, the renewal requirement is 6 semester hours of college coursework. The 6 credits need to be completed during the 5 year time period that you hold the teaching license. The courses taken to renew your 5 year license relate to your education field .

[All TPAI courses are at graduate level.]

For further information, see the North Dakota Education Standards and Practice Board.