TPAI: District Salary Advancement / State License Renewal

Rhode Island

District Salary Advancement: Yes

You’ll find our personalized courses will match your teaching needs! All TPAI courses are accredited (HLC / North Central Association of Colleges and Schools) and will help Rhode Island teachers with salary advancement. *Please follow your district’s pre-approval steps/requirements.

State License Renewal: Yes

The following information is from the Rhode Island Department of Education.

*Information in this color shows how TPAI courses support Rhode Island teachers.

Rhode Island is transitioning into a model of teacher license renewal requiring PLU’s.

Acceptable activities for PLU’s include:

1.Site-Based Professional Learning activities, such as: induction activities, mentoring activities, structured professional learning communities, data analysis meetings, local workshops, lesson study, student work review sessions, curriculum implementation teams, and other site-based activities designed to improve teaching and learning.

2.Structured coaching that involves trained coaches working with colleagues on focused objectives through observation and feedback cycles. Coaching may take the form of induction coaching for beginning teachers or peer coaching and instructional coaching.

3.Proficiency-based learning and micro-credentials activities that require the educator to demonstrate proficiency in a new skill by submitting evidence of mastery. Micro-credentials often require educators to submit evidence to third (3rd) party providers for review.

4.University coursework at accredited institutions of higher education.

5.National Board Certification is a recognized form of professional learning that may be used to accumulate units. Educators may receive units for completing individual components even if the certification is not achieved. Additional information may be found on the website listed below.

[All TPAI courses are at graduate level.]

For further information, see the Rhode Island Department of Education.