TPAI: District Salary Advancement / State License Renewal

West Virginia

District Salary Advancement: Yes

You’ll find our personalized courses will match your teaching needs! All TPAI courses are accredited (HLC / North Central Association of Colleges and Schools) and will help West Virginia teachers with salary advancement.

*Please follow your district’s pre-approval steps/requirements.

State License Renewal: Yes

The following information is from the West Virginia Department of Education.

Information in this color shows how TPAI courses support West Virginia teachers.

Renewing a Teacher License

Option 1 – Qualifying Coursework»Three-Year Validity Option: Six semester hours of appropriate college/university coursework reflecting a 3.0 GPA or WVDE eligible e-Learning coursework related to the public school program. The coursework must have been completed subsequent to the issuance of the certificate being renewed and within the five-year period immediately preceding the date of application. The coursework must either be:

  1. Related to the public school program,
  2. The applicant’s current endorsement area(s),
  3. Needed to qualify for an additional endorsement,
  4. Relevant to a Master’s Degree in a curriculum related to the public school program, or
  5. Credit prescribed by the county as a result of the teacher’s evaluation.»One-Year Validity Option: Three semester hours of appropriate college/university coursework or one eLearning course meeting the same criteria as mentioned for the three-year validity option.

[For TPAI coursework, 1 semester credit = 1 semester hour.]

Option 2 – Qualifying Degree and Professional Salary Classification»Hold a minimum of an MA+30 salary classification based on the awarding of a Master’s Degree.

Option 3 – Qualifying Age»Sixty years of age and present a copy of your birth certificate or official government issued documentation.All three options require an official recommendation by the employing county Superintendent, most recent education supervisor, current employer or community leader, as appropriate (detailed in WVBE Policy 5202).

[All TPAI courses are at graduate level.]

For further information, see the West Virginia Department of Education.