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About TPAI

TPAI was founded to provide affordable, self-directed graduate courses that engage, enable, and empower teachers.

As a teacher for twenty years, I understand the challenges of finding the time to take courses when you work full-time, and I know firsthand the difficulty in finding courses that meet your specific needs. I created TPAI to offer flexible graduate courses that are more meaningful, practical, and personalized for you—the types of courses that you’ll find immediately useful in your classroom.

As the lead instructor, I bring over 20 years of educational experience in both U.S. and international schools (Elementary Education, Math, Science, English/Language Arts, ELL, and Gifted Education). I have an undergraduate degree from UW-Madison, an M.Ed. from the University of Minnesota, and have completed postgraduate research and studies in Gifted Education. In addition to teaching, I worked for many years as the publisher and editor of an educational children’s magazine. My years of teaching, education and experiences have taught me that learning is best when it is driven by curiosity and inquiry–that’s the premise behind each TPAI course.

With us, you’ll have instant access to independent graduate-level courses that will expand your skills and put you well on your way toward reaching your goals. We’ve designed and organized our courses to be easy for the busy full-time teacher to follow, and with our personalized and flexible format, we’re sure you’ll find courses that meet your needs.

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