Each of our courses shares the same number: 501 (this is CSU-Pueblo’s numbering system showing courses at a graduate level). An example course of ours would be “ED501: Developing Growth Mindsets” or “501 Developing Growth Mindsets.”
While our courses are primarily used for salary advancement and license renewal purposes, we also work directly with CSU-Pueblo’s online M.Ed. program. Any of our (ED501) courses may be used as electives to fulfill online M.Ed. program requirements at CSU-Pueblo. For more information see this page.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­See “TPAI Courses” for current enrollment and coursework submission dates.
You may submit coursework at any time before the deadline.

See “TPAI Courses” for specific dates. We follow CSU-Pueblo’s semester schedule regarding registration and ending dates. Since these are independent studies, you may begin work immediately after you enroll with us (which may be before the semester officially starts or after it begins). You may enroll in courses anytime within the registration window.
Ordering your own coursebook allows us to offer our courses at a lower cost and gives you the flexibility to start sooner. All our coursbooks are widely available from online or physical booksellers. To reduce costs, you may wish to check out the book from a library, share a book among colleagues, or buy it used. Alternatively, many of our coursebooks are available for download electronically (Amazon Kindle) if you wish to start the course immediately.
For assignments requiring citations, you may use APA or MLA.
Newer Kindle books have an option to see the page number, but some older Kindle versions do not. If you are using a Kindle without page numbers, you may cite using the Kindle location instead.
Yes. Courses are graded with traditional letter grades.
Our courses meet federal accreditation (HLC) standards which require 37.5 hours per credit; our 3 credit-courses require 112.5 hours. The hour requirement is met through a combination of our four assignments. See our home page for a sample Course Assignments file.
Submit all completed coursework as an email attachment when you have finished all assignments for the course. Include your name and the course title in the subject line. Submit all assignments as a PDF or Word Document. Assignments may be attached as one file or as separate files.
The last date to submit your coursework is the course submission deadline (see the “TPAI Courses” section of this website). As the coursework is independent work, we encourage to to submit your work as soon as it is finished.
Grades are based on meeting rubric expectations for each assignment. Students will need to do the necessary work to earn an “A” or “B”. Any work not meeting expectations will be returned with feedback regarding the necessary steps needed to meet those requirements.
While there are opportunities to work with colleagues in Assignment 4 (Personalized Learning / Practice), all written work (Assignments 2 & 3 and the reflection for Assignment 4) must be your own. Additionally, see the Academic Dishonesty Policy in the course syllabus.
TPAI will process and evaluate your submitted work within 3-7 days. Once evaluated, allow up to 7 business days to CSU-Pueblo to post them to your transcript. If you have a deadline you need to meet, we encourage you to submit your work early.
After enrolling with TPAI, but before the semester ends, you will need to be registered with Colorado State University-Pueblo to obtain graduate credits and obtain official transcripts. The directions for this process will be sent by email after registration. Setting up a CSU-Pueblo account is simple and will take about five minutes. TPAI’s course fees include all enrollment fees for CSU-Pueblo.

For new students, directions will be sent by email within a week after registering with TPAI. You may register at any time but at least two weeks before submitting coursework to us.
For returning students, you may register at any time during the semester but before submitting your coursework to us. Please include your PID or NETID number. This number was emailed from CSU-Pueblo shortly after registering with them for the first time.

You may check your grades through your CSU-Pueblo PAWS account. Unofficial transcripts from CSU-Pueblo are free and available online after grades have been posted. Official transcripts from CSU-Pueblo are currently $10 (electronic) or $12 (by mail). For further information, you may use this link: CSU-Pueblo Transcripts

It’s possible to extend your coursework either a few weeks or into the next semester. Please contact us a couple of weeks before the semester due date to make arrangements.

We do not send out 1098-T forms as we do not participate in student aid programs. Keep your emailed registration receipt for any tax purposes. Only universities/colleges that offer Department of Education student aid programs may issue 1098-T forms.
You may take up to six courses per semester.
You may cancel a course within the first seven days to receive a full refund. After that, you may cancel a course for a $40 fee per course up to 30 days after registration.