Active and Engaging Science Instruction (K-6)


Mark Windschitl, Jessica Thompson, and Melissa Braaten have put together a comprehensive and progressive take on science teaching in today’s classrooms. The vision for their work “is built on a repertoire of teaching practices that cultivate student dialogue, community reasoning, and intellectual rigor, as well as the ability to learn how to to learn.”

This course will help you move students from passive recipients of scientific knowledge to active investigators. Through equitable engagement, student discussions, modeling, and providing avenues for changes in thinking, students will deepen their understanding until they can provide evidence-based explanations.

Through reading and research, educators taking this course will explore practices that engage and challenge students’ scientific thinking and reasoning. Educators will also investigate special topics and integrate new learning into their teaching environment.

This course is equivalent to 3 semester hours or 4.5 quarter hours. It is a graduate-level course and intended for K-12 educators who have completed a bachelor’s degree. It is recommended that you receive board or district approval before registering with TPAI.

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