Dynamic Math Classroom (K-6)


Discover the transformative power of “Thinking Classrooms” in mathematics with Peter Liljedahl’s enlightening book! Dive into a world where collaboration and student-centered learning take center stage, fostering critical thinking skills and deep understanding.

Liljedahl’s course is a treasure trove of teaching strategies and engaging activities that promote problem-solving and create an environment where mathematical exploration takes center stage. Learn how to ask open-ended questions that spark curiosity and encourage students to think creatively while justifying their reasoning.

With 14 insightful practices at your fingertips, this course is your gateway to cultivating a growth mindset in your students and giving them a profound grasp of mathematical concepts. Embrace this dynamic, nurturing environment that empowers students to become confident thinkers!

Through reading and research, educators taking this course will explore strategies for creating dynamic mathematical classrooms. Educators will investigate special topics and implement new learning into their teaching environment.

This course is equivalent to 3 semester hours or 4.5 quarter hours. It is a graduate-level course intended for K-12 educators with bachelor’s degrees. It is recommended that you receive board or district approval before registering with TPAI.

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*You are responsible for purchasing your own course book.