UDL and Blended Learning Frameworks


“I like to compare the teacher’s work designing learning experiences to the work of an architect. In my new book with Dr. Katie Novak, UDL and Blended Learning, I share a story about working with an architect…Over a series of three meetings, my architect asked me countless questions about what I wanted in a home and how I used the space. He wanted to understand me to ensure that the home he sketched would fit my needs, preference, and lifestyle. In much the same way, teachers must get to know their students. How do they enjoy engaging with information? Do they work better on their own, with a partner, or in a group? What are they interested in or passionate about? Do they work best in particular environments? What avenues might work best for them to share their learning?”

–Caitlin Tucker

Through Universal Design for Learning and Blended Learning frameworks, Caitlin Tucker and Dr. Katie Novak remove barriers and create flexible pathways to engage all students in or out of the classroom.

Educators taking this course will explore Universal Design for Learning and Blended Learning strategies through reading and research. Educators will also investigate special topics and integrate new learning into their teaching environment.

This course is equivalent to 3 semester hours or 4.5 quarter hours. It is a graduate-level course and intended for K-12 educators who have completed a bachelor’s degree. It is recommended that you receive board or district approval before registering with TPAI.

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