Visible Thinking Strategies


Step into Visible Thinking, an educational strategy created by Harvard University’s Project Zero. The innovative tools and ideas found in the book make thinking tangible and accessible for every student, fostering critical thinking, metacognitive skills, and personalized learning.

Visual tools like graphic organizers and diagrams transform abstract concepts into visibly organized structures, nurturing a deeper understanding of the material.

Here’s what you can expect from Visual Thinking:

  • Find ways to support students’ learning as the students in your classroom begin to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information logically.
  • Watch students develop problem-solving abilities and reflective thinking, honing their metacognitive skills for lifelong learning.
  • Experience a classroom where every student’s unique learning needs are considered, promoting inclusivity and engagement.
  • Encourage innovative thinking and diverse perspectives, empowering students to approach challenges creatively.

Embark on this enlightening journey in this course as you explore Visible Thinking strategies. You’ll be the catalyst in creating dynamic, student-centered learning environments that ignite curiosity, encourage reflection, and nurture independence!