Writing Workshop: The Next Steps (K-8)


I am convinced that helping kids to articulate clear goals for their work and supporting them with strategies and feedback to accomplish those goals makes a huge difference.–Jennifer Serravallo

The Writing Strategies Book
, written by Jennifer Serravallo, is a modern and comprehensive guide for implementing writing in grades K-8.

Meant to supplement any writing workshop or basal curriculum, Serravallo has provided teachers with the resources they need to support developing writers. Goal-directed and strategy-driven, her book delivers the tools teachers need to differentiate, enrich, and engage writers. She has organized her book by ten writing goals and provides teachers with the resources to understand and reach each one.

This course will help teachers create writing units, set individual goals for writers, differentiate writing instruction, and provide effective feedback that will raise the level of writing of their students.

Educators taking this course, through reading and research, will explore how to teach and implement writing strategies. Educators will also investigate special topics and integrate new learning into their teaching environment.

This course is equivalent to 3 semester hours or 4.5 quarter hours. It is a graduate-level course and intended for K-12 educators who have completed a bachelor’s degree. It is recommended that you receive board or district approval before registering with TPAI.

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*You are responsible for purchasing your own course book.