CSU Pueblo Registration

Order Transcripts

Registration at CSU Pueblo

The following steps should be completed after ordering from TPAI.

Step 1 Register for your courses with CSU Pueblo (both new and returning students)

For the fastest turnaround, it’s best to register with CSU Pueblo for your courses a minimum of two weeks before you submit your coursework to us. You may use this link to register with them. There is no additional cost to register at CSU Pueblo.

After clicking on the link above, choose us as the provider (see image below) and ensure the correct semester is shown (see image below). If the correct semester is not shown, you should check back later.

Timeline: About 5 minutes to complete. After registering with CSU Pueblo, it could take up to ten days for you to appear in their system.

Step 2 Submit your coursework to TPAI

Most coursework is graded and returned between 3-5 days. Assuming the coursework meets all requirements, you will receive feedback, and your grade will then be submitted to CSU Pueblo.

Timeline 1: On average, it takes 3-5 days to grade. After receiving your feedback, grades should appear within 48 hours at CSU Pueblo assuming you had registered with them a minimum of two weeks before submitting work to us (see Step 1).

Timeline 2: (not yet registered with CSU Pueblo): Go to Step 1. After you are in their system (up to ten days), grades should appear within an additional 48 hours.

Ordering Transcripts at CSU Pueblo

Step 1 Activate your NetID to access CSU Pueblo

You should have received a CSU ID and/or a NetID within ten days after your initial registration at CSU Pueblo. See the help information below if you did not receive it.

If you’ve previously activated your NetID, skip to Step 2.

If you haven’t activated your NetID, go to this page and follow the instructions: Activate CSU Pueblo NETID

Timeline: 2 minutes.

*Your CSU Pueblo ID is a 9-digit number. Your NetID is that same 9-digit number but with a capital “C” in front of it. Example of CSU Pueblo ID: 800000001. Example of the same student’s NetID: C800000001. Please note that your NetID is not active until you visit the link above.

Step 2a View/Print an Unofficial Transcript (Paws Website)

To access an unofficial transcript, visit this page and log in with your NetID: Student PAWS Account

*At present, students who were previously given a PID instead of a NetID may continue to use their PID to access transcripts.

Step 2b Order an Official Transcript (Parchment Website)

To access an official transcript, visit this page: Parchment

Current costs to obtain an official transcript: Official Transcript Costs


Additional Notes (from CSU-Pueblo)

We would like to thank you for your registration and for choosing CSU Pueblo. Here are some resources you may find helpful. Use the IT website for NetID support and other resources. If you contact support, please let them know you are a TEP student so they may better understand how to assist you.
Always view your unofficial transcript in your student PAWS account before ordering your official transcript. Posting grades is not immediate; to help avoid ordering transcripts with missing courses and grades, please verify your unofficial transcripts online first. CSU Pueblo is not responsible for incomplete official transcript requests. If you have not viewed your unofficial transcript and placed your order, you will receive your official transcript as is; it will no longer notify you if grades are missing from your transcript.
Registrar’s Office Transcript Phone: (719) 549-2674 (information line only)
IT Website
IT Help Desk: (719) 549-2002
IT Help Ticket: https://csupueblo.supportsystem.com
If you have any further questions, the CSU Pueblo Division of Extended Studies can be contacted toll-free at 1-800-388-6154 or TEP Specialist at 719-549-2048.