Student Examples

Example: Questions from Assignment #3 (Guided Inquiry/Research)

The questions below are from Assignment #3 and created by former students. We’ve included these examples because they were directly related to the coursebook, they were specific, and (most importantly) the knowledge gained supported each teacher’s personalized needs.

This assignment is meant to be interest-based. If you’re having trouble creating a question, answer these: What topic piqued your interest during the coursebook reading? What further knowledge (related to the coursebook) would help you most in the classroom?

Example: Personalized Learning Work (Assignment #4)

The activities below were completed by former students for Assignment #4.

Example: Reflection from Assignment #4 (Personalized Learning)

Personalized Learning Reflection Student Example

Click on the pdf icon above to downlaod an example reflection paper (Assignment #4)

In the student example above (Classroom Instruction for ELL’s) this student met all requirements for this assignment. The following are based on  the rubrics for this assignment:

Personalized Learning Reflection Template

Personalized Learning Reflection Template

Feel free to use this template or to base your reflection upon its format. Click on the icon or text above to download.